Encryption On the Go

Encryption On the Go provides you a simple solution to develop Windows application, encrypt your file before it was sending out of your computer.  Encryption On the Go was implemented with EaseFilter Encryption Filter Driver SDK, a transparent file system encryption filter driver.

A transparent file system encryption filter driver will integrate the encryption or decryption in the read or write IO process in the file system level, without the extra IO it can improve your encryption performance dramatically. With the file system level auto encryption, encrypt the files or decrypt the files are completely transparent to the users.

 //setup a file filter rule for folder encryptFolder
 FileFilter fileFilter = new FileFilter("c:\\encryptedFolder\\*");
 //enable the encryption for the filter rule.
 fileFilter.EnableEncryption = true;

 //Generate the 256bits encryption key with the master encryption key
 fileFilter.EncryptionKey = Utils.GetKeyByPassPhrase(masterKey, 32);
 //Unauthorized the process with the read encrytped data right, it will get the raw data, i.e. backup software, explorer.exe
 uint accessFlag = FilterAPI.ALLOW_MAX_RIGHT_ACCESS & ~(uint)FilterAPI.AccessFlag.ALLOW_READ_ENCRYPTED_FILES;
 fileFilter.ProcessNameAccessRightList.Add("explorer.exe", accessFlag);
 fileFilter.ProcessNameAccessRightList.Add("backup.exe", accessFlag);


if (!filterControl.SendConfigSettingsToFilter(ref lastError))
  MessageBox.Show("SendConfigSettingsToFilter failed." + lastError, "SendConfigSettingsToFilter", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error);